How to collect honey

Harvest or vintage is the extraction of honey from the hive and its escape to the consumer direction.Honey extraction is the process by which we harvest honey from honeycombs sealed with ripe-ready honey.

We carefully choose the frames that are ready for collection. We remove the bees very carefully so as not to hurt the worker bees and especially the queen. We move all the frames to another empty hive where bees and other insects cannot enter.

After transporting the cells with the frames indoors, with the help of a heated knife the honeycombs are unsealed (peeled) and placed in a machine called honey extractor which is the main tool of the vintage. Its function is based on the ability to extract honey from honeycomb cells with centrifugal force.

When the whole process is over, open the tap from the base of the exporter and the honey is placed in filtration barrels to remove foreign bodies (bees, pollen grains, wax) and later stored in honey collection containers.

In the end, after being poured into large maturing barrels, it is ready to be packaged and to reach the consumer’s table pure and natural.

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