I started dealing with bees and honey in 2008 and the reason was my children who started eating it. So I got into the process of buying 10 beehives after 50,100… That way I knew that what my kids would eat was the best because it was mine. So little by little I started a family business where everyone participated and my children and my wife each in their own way, but always with love and respect for bees.


Many will wonder what honey is… Honey is an aromatic sweet substance derived from plant nectar, which bees collect and turn into a dense liquid for their food and eventually store it in their honeycombs.


In our place, Crete, the best honey is produced because it is special and unique for its aromas and this is because many plants such as thyme, pine, sage and many other flowers and coniferous trees bloom and thrive. All these flowers and plants make honey stand out for its aromas and nutritional value.

Depending on the season the bees are transported from place to place chasing nature so that they can collect pollen and nectar. This way we have a product exclusively from nature with the best nutritional value. It is known from history and mythology that honey was the food of the gods and mortals. Today honey is the most natural and pure product for longevity due to the natural sugars it contains.


Our purpose and goal is to continue to produce a product that is pure and 100% natural without treatment with love and passion and above all with all due respect to bees and the consumer.