The oil is the liquid that comes from the olives.The so-called liquid gold of mother earth.

EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL is called olive oil that comes directly from the olive fruit without any processing other than the squeezing of the fruit and filtering and with very low acidity.


FIRST PHASE: the olive is harvested and immediately after the olives are transferred to the olive mill. Proper handling of olive fruit during harvest and after oiling is important to maintain acidity at low levels.

SECOND PHASE: After the olives arrive at the oil mill, they are put in a large funnel and with the elevator they go to the decolorizer to be cleaned from the branches and leaves. The olives are then dropped into the olive oil washing machine where the soil and other foreign bodies are completely removed. With the washing system of our machines, the water during its recirculation in the system through a filter removes the foreign bodies, thus guaranteeing the circulation of clean water in the tank of the washing machine. After the olives are washed and cleaned, they are weighed and then ground.

THIRD PHASE: The fruit is squeezed in the crushers or otherwise crushers. The crushers are single or double grid to match the different varieties of olives and in there they are crushed and become an olive pulp. In this way the olive fruit is squeezed into a pulp.      

FOURTH PHASE: The mashed olive goes for fermentation in the blenders which are units made entirely of stainless steel with double walls for the circulation of hot water. Each massage unit has an inspection dome, non-blurring glass material and an LED system for easy inspection inside the blender. Each independent unit is predetermined for operations under different temperatures and speeds equipped with level and temperature sensors, with an automatic stainless steel valve for emptying the dough paste. Each unit has a washing system that can be operated on request or after each batch process.(Note that in each kneading unit the derivative can determine the temperature desired to stir the dough.) The recommended temperature is on average 28 degrees Celsius and the fermentation time is from 35 minutes to 1 hour. It depends on the temperature set in each massage unit.

FIFTH PHASE: Then with the use of DECANTER PIERALISI SPI 333S and with the help of the centrifugal force the olive oil is separated from the dough and the kernel and goes to the separator where the oil is cleaned 100% from all other liquids to have a pure extra virgin olive oil.